Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers in Orange County

Walking and jogging are excellent forms of exercise and they’re also hugely popular forms of exercise. If you are looking for a pastime, there are countless of beautiful parks across Orange County you can enjoy a stroll in. Regrettably, pedestrian accidents in Orange County streets, crosswalks and walkways are not rare and an accident can often have devastating consequences. Depending on the reason behind the accident, pedestrians can be at a huge disadvantage. Injuries of pedestrians can be far more severe than those in vehicles, but the laws that protect victims apply to pedestrians. If you were injured by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian you have rights.

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Seeking Financial Compensation for Crosswalk Accidents & Pedestrian Injuries

According to the California Department of Public Health, pedestrian fatalities comprised of 15 percent of all traffic-related deaths in 2013. This astonishing sum emphasizes the dangers of pedestrian & crosswalk accidents and the damage that these accidents can cause. Many pedestrian accident cases will require some form of medical treatment and depending on the severity of the injury, some forms of medical aid can last a long time. Some of the most common expenses involved in pedestrian accidents involve: Missed time from work and the inability to earn a living, Past medical costs, Present medical expenses, Cost of future medical care, or Pain and suffering.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident, you should know that you could receive compensation that can help you pay for the developing costs and expenses. As a victim, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the negligent driver who caused your injuries. Consider seeking the advice of a skilled attorney who can help to champion on behalf of your rights. You should know that filing a personal injury claim in California is subject to time constraints; obtain the support of a knowledgeable attorney who can help you straightaway.

Determining Liability of Pedestrian Accidents in Orange County

In an accident involving a person and a car, it is vital to determine what party is at fault and to what extent. The State of California has right-of-way statutes that protect a pedestrian. These laws could serve to demonstrate that the motorist was responsible for the accident.

Upon filing a personal injury lawsuit, a pedestrian will need to demonstrate that the motorist’s carelessness and potential reckless driving caused the incident. The following scenarios can determine negligence:

  • Driving while under the influence of a debilitating substance,
  • Reckless driving,
  • Driving at an excessive speed limit,
  • Using a cellphone while driving,
  • Being distracted by another electronic while driving,
  • Eating while driving, or
  • Grooming while driving

There are many other instances where a pedestrian has rights to file a claim for their injuries. Understanding the extent of your rights after an accident should be determined by an experienced Orange County pedestrian accident attorney. Our Tustin attorneys are highly experienced with pedestrian accident cases, and serve victims throughout Orange County. We are available for a free no obligation consultation now.

Common Pedestrian Injuries Suffered in Orange County

Individuals who are casually walking or jogging will likely not have any form of protective gear. Wearing protective gear is not legally required and it also not practical. Unfortunately, due to the lack of protection, an accident involving an exposed person and a vehicle can cause serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries can involve the following: Spinal cord injuries, Broken bones, Torn ligaments, Torn muscles, Leg and knee injuries, Traumatic head injuries, Nerve damage, Internal bleeding, Severe cuts, and/or Other lacerations.

The degree of severity to a person’s injuries will depend on many factors. Some of these can include, but are not limited to:

  • The car’s speed,
  • The body part struck by the vehicle,
  • The angle of the impact,
  • The design of the car,
  • When the accident occurred, or
  • Where the accident occurred

It should be noted that not all pedestrian accident cases involve moving cars. Every accident is unique should be handled carefully. Again, advise from an experienced attorney in Orange County can make all the difference in your injury claim case.

Obtaining Evidence after a Pedestrian Accident in Orange County

If you have been injured as a pedestrian, it is important to act quickly in effort of securing evidence that can help your case. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you will not always be able to obtain evidence on your own. In these situations, it is always best to consider seeking legal support of an attorney who understands what type of evidence your case will need. However, if you are able to, you can obtain information immediately after the accident. Important elements you should document include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Take pictures of brush that may have obstructed the driver’s view
  • Take pictures of skid marks and other roadway conditions that could tell a story of how the events took place
  • Take pictures of the damage to the vehicle
  • Take pictures of light and weather conditions

Pedestrian accidents can be very debilitating. If securing evidence is not possible for you, seek to file a police report as soon as possible.

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